APUSH Unit 2

September 11th, 2015

Unit 2 1607-1754

In Unit 2, Chapter 2 focuses on the initial settlement of North America by the Spanish, French, Dutch, and British. Chapter 3 will focus on the development of an American Colonial Society and its relations with England in the second half of the 1600’s. Chapter 4 will center around the changing relationship between England and the American colonies and the changes within the American colonies during the 1700’s. Pay special attention to dates and the chapter timelines to keep things in order. Test on Tuesday 9/26 – Study Groups on Monday 9/25 at lunch or Tuesday 9/26 at 7:45am in room 125.

Unit 2 Homework Packet 2017 –  get actual packet from Hamer as quickly as possible to get your documents


Unit 2 Mod1 Comparing Settlement Patterns Worksheet – Take your notes for Block Day 1 – 9/12-9/13(Pages 56-60 and Document 1) into this chart

Unit 2 MOD2 Colony Charts and Notetaking Guide
Unit 2 Mod2 British Colonization

Unit 2 Module 2 Skill Building: Audience and Purpose

Unit 2 Module 3 – Anglo / Native American Conflicts
Watch this video  to complete the Module 3 notes

Unit 2 Module 4 African Slavery and Point of View Worksheet

Unit 2 Mod 5 and 6 Mercantilism and the Great Awakening Class Notes
Unit 2 Mod5 Mercantilism and Society in 1700s

Unit 2 Review Questions

Studying for your APUSH Unit 2 Test


Extra Credit Options:

Movie – Amistad (R)
Book – The Crucible
Book – The Scarlet Letter


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