APUSH Unit 3

September 25th, 2017

APUSH Unit 3 – Revolutionary Period

This 3+ week unit will cover the many causes of the American Revolution, the Revolutionary War itself, and the creation of national governments during and after the war. The unit will end with the final conflict between American and England – the War of 1812. The test will be Tuesday 10/24 – Study Sessions will be Monday 10/23 at Lunch and Tuesday 10/24 at 7:45am.

Unit 3 Homework Packet

Module 1 Reading: French and Indian War – 

Unit 3 Mod 1 Part 1 – French and Indian War PPT

Unit 3 Mod 1 Part 1 – French and Indian War Class Notes

Unit 3 Mod 1 Causes of the Revolution Chart

Unit 3 Mod1 Causes of the Revolution PPT

Federalist vs. Antifederalist Debate

Unit 3 Constitutional Ratification Debate Handout – DEBATE HAS BEEN MOVED to Block Day 1 10/17 or 10/18 (Final Presidents Quiz has been moved to Friday 10/20)
Sample Resume for Debates

Here is the list of readings for the debate and your character. Click the appropriate class period tab on the bottom if you forgot who your character is: Constitutional Debate List – EXCEL

In case you can’t access the “Readings for Everyone #3 “Summary of the Constitutional Debate” – here it is! Constitutional Debate – Reading for Everyone 3

If you missed the debate: you can type a two page essay on what you would have said as your character. This needs to be in the first person (as the character him/herself) and needs to follow the ideas of what we were doing in the debate – so the essay should begin with the introduction of the character and then have a few paragraphs on the character’s argument as well as the evidence you would have used in the debate. Please contact me with any questions on this

Unit 3 Mod2 Revolutionary War

Unit 3 Mod2 Revolutionary War Notes

Unit 3 Note Taking Chart AOC vs Constitution

APUSH Unit 3 Mod 3 – AOC, Const, BOR Notes
Unit 3 AOC, Constitution, BOR PowerPoint

Unit 3 Module 3 Hamilton vs Jefferson

Unit 3 War of 1812 NOTES

Unit 3 War of 1812

Marshall Court Notes – Use the readings below to complete this
Fletcher v Peck
Gibbons v Ogden
Marbury v Madison
McCulloch v Maryland


Unit 3 Review


Extra Credit Options:

John Adams (HBO miniseries) Part 1 and 2
Amistad (R)
Book – Founding Brothers by Joseph Ellis


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