APUSH Unit 5

November 13th, 2015

Unit 5 1844-1877 – this unit will cover Manifest Destiny, the causes of the Civil War, the war, and Reconstruction.

Unit 5 2017 Homework Packet

In class November 28-30: Unit 5 Module 1 Classwork – Life in the South – Chapter 12 –

Unit 5 Module 2 Manifest Destiny Note Taking Guide
Unit5 Mod2 Manifest Destiny PPT

Unit 5 Mod3 The Civil War Notetaking Guide
Unit 5 MOD3 The Civil War

Unit5 MOD4 Reconstruction Worksheet
Unit 5 MOD4 Reconstruction

Unit 5 Review Questions

Extra Credit Options for Unit 5:
Glory (R) – WONDERFUL movie about the Massachusetts 54th regiment (R-rating was given before PG-13 was around)
Gettysburg (PG-13) – Long movie about the battle OR Killer Angels (book) – This is what the movie Gettysburg is based on
Lincoln (PG-13)
12 Years a Slave (R)

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