APUSH Unit 6 Part 2

November 24th, 2008

Unit 6-2 focuses on urbanization at the turn of the century, the political changes that accompany it, and the Progressive movement. Study Groups will be Wednesday 2/7 from 12:30-1pm and Friday 2/9 from 7:45-8:20am


Unit 6-2 Homework Packet

Unit 6-2 Mod1 Urbanization PPT
Unit 6-2MOD1 New City Classwork

Unit 6-2 MOD2 Gilded Age Politics Classwork
Unit 6-2 Mod2 Gilded Age Politics

Unit 6-2 MOD3 Progressivism
Unit 6-2 MOD3 Progressivism and 1912 Classwork

Studying for your APUSH Unit 6-2 Test

Unit 6-2 Review


Extra Credit for Unit 6-2

Gangs of New York (Immigration and Urban Life) [R]
Far and Away (Immigration and Urban Life) [PG-13]
Episode 1 or 2 of The Roosevelts (Ken Burns documentary on PBS)

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