APUSH Unit 8 Part 1

March 19th, 2018

This unit will focus on the early Cold War abroad as well as its effects at home 1945-1963. The test is on Tuesday April 10th. Study groups will be Friday April 6th at lunch and Tuesday April 10th at 7:45am in room 125

Unit 8-1 Homework Packet
Unit 8-1 Review Questions

Unit 8-1 MOD1 Worksheet Early Cold War
Unit 8-1 MOD1 PPT Early Cold War

Spring Break Assignment – # 1 and #2 are required – try to get through at least one of #3-6

  1. Get caught up on ALL late or missing work (any late or missing test will need to be completed by Tuesday 4/3 in testing center)
  2. Read ahead in Unit 8-1
  3. Begin working on the study book you checked out on 3/22 or 3/23 (remember to write your answers on different paper!)
  4. Organize your home notebook
  5. Practice writing the Great Depression DBQ (set yourself a timer for 45 minutes)
  6. Organize your vocabulary into Quizlet

Unit 8-1 MOD2 Conformity / Anti-Conformity PPT
Unit 8-1 MOD2 Notes

Studying for APUSH Unit 8-1


Extra Credit Movies for this unit include:
*Atomic Cafe
*Good Night and Good Luck
a Tom Clancy Cold War movie like Hunt for Red October
The Majestic







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