APUSH Unit 7 Part 2

February 27th, 2015

The second half of Unit 7 will cover 1929-1945: The Great Depression, WWII,  and, of course, FDR!

The combined Unit 7 test will be on MONDAY 3/19

Unit 7-2 2018 Homework Packet
Unit 7-2 Review Questions

Unit 7-2MOD1 Great Depression Notes
Unit 7-2MOD1 Causes of the Great Depression PPT
Alphabet Agencies

Unit 7-2MOD2 WWII Notes
Unit 7-2 MOD2 WWII PPT

Studying for your APUSH Unit 7-2 Test

Great Depression Extra Credit:

  • *Cinderella Man PG-13 (AMAZING TRUE STORY set in the Great Depression)
  • Seabiscuit PG-13 (set in the Great Depression)
WWII Extra Credit:
  • Saving Private Ryan (R)
  • Flags of Our Fathers (R)
  • Patton
  • Swing Shift
  • Band of Brothers (TV-MA) – Watch 2 episodes
  • The Pacific (TV-MA) – Watch 2 episodes
  • Almost any WWII movie can be watched for extra credit for this movie, as long as it focuses on American activity in or during the war. The  movies that can NOT be watched are Pearl Harbor and Inglorious Basterds.

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