APUSH Unit 4

October 26th, 2015

This unit on Antebellum America will cover early Republicanism, the Market Revolution, New Democracy, and Antebellum Reform. Test is Friday 11/17 – Notebook and Review Due Test Day. Learning Curve for chapters 8-11 Due 8:30 am 11/17.

Unit 4 Homework Packet

Unit 4 Mod1 CHAPTER 8 NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS – “Your Job” section due Tuesday 10/31

Unit 4 Mod 1 Creating a Republican Culture

Market Revolution Newscast Instructions

Market Revolution Newscasts Class Note Guide

Unit 4 Mod3 New Democracy Notes
Unit 4 The New Democracy PPT

Unit 4 Antebellum Fair Instructions

Unit 4 Antebellum Fair Note Taking Guide

PBS Crash Course on Antebellum Reform Movements: https://opb.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/1f7c35d3-d295-4f96-9b91-c29d54815bc1/19th-century-reforms-crash-course-us-history-15/?#.WgzuphNSxUM
PBS Crash Course on Women in the 1800’s and Reform: https://opb.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/64ce26b6-3607-4374-8bff-860376f7fdf3/women-in-the-19th-century-crash-course-us-history-16/?#.WgzwLBNSxUM

Studying for your APUSH Unit 4 Test

Unit 4 Review



Extra Credit for Unit 4
Amistad (R)
Gangs of New York (R) OR  Far and Away (PG-13) – Don’t do both


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