APUSH Unit 6 Part 1

January 7th, 2018

Unit 6 Part 1 discusses the completion of America’s move West as well as Industrialization, and life during the Gilded Age. The Unit Test date will be on the day of finals.

U6-1 Homework Packet

Unit 6 Mod1 Westward Expansion Notes
Unit 6 Module 1 Westward Expansion PPT

U6MOD2 2nd Ind Rev Classwork Guide Final – Filled In
Unit 6 MOD2 2nd Industrial Revolution Worksheet

Unit 6-1 Mod 3 Ch18 Society at the Turn of the Century

Unit 6-1 Review Questions





Extra Credit for Unit 6

Dances with Wolves (Plight of the Plains Indians) [PG-13]
Gangs of New York (Immigration and Urban Life) [R]
OR (Don’t watch both Gangs AND Far and Away – they are the same story!)
Far and Away (Immigration and Urban Life) [PG-13]
The Last Samurai (Manifest Destiny Abroad) [R]
Episode 1 or 2 of The Roosevelts (Ken Burns documentary on PBS)

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