APUSH Unit 7 Part 1

February 7th, 2018

Unit 7 Part 1 1898-1929

This two week unit will cover American Imperialism, including the Spanish American War, WWI, and the 1920’s.

Unit 7-1 Homework Packet

Debate on Annexation of the Philippines
Unit 7-1 Philippine Annexation Debate Handout
Philippines Debate Historical Timeline
Sample Resume for Debates

Possible sources for debate:
In the Days of McKinley, Margaret Leech
The Wars of America, Robert Leckie
Pacific Destiny, Richard O’Connor
The Philippines, Albert Roland
The Atlantic Monthly, April 1992
Anti-Imperialists in the United States. 1898-1935, Jim Zwick, ed

Unit 7-1 MOD1 Imperialism PPT (for extra reading)
Unit 7-1 MOD1 Notetaking Chart HANDOUT

Unit 7-1 MOD2 WWI
Unit 7-1 MOD2 Notetaking Chart WWI

Unit 7-1 MOD3 1920s
Unit 7-1MOD3 Notetaking Worksheet 1920s ALL

Unit 7-1 Review Questions

Extra Credit Options
The Rough Riders (TNT movie  – ask Hamer)
The Roosevelts Episode 2 – by Ken Burns
Fly Boys (about American pilots flying for France in WWI) PG-13
Untouchables (about a Prohibition Agent and the Mob) (R)
Chicago (PG-13 Classic 1920’s play turned into a movie – about a murder trial)
Thoroughly Modern Millie (PG – Julie Andrews as a new flapper in the big city!)
The Great Gatsby (book OR new movie)
2 episodes of Ken Burns Jazz

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