APUSH Exam Review 2018

April 5th, 2018

Review will begin four weeks before the exam on May 11, 2018. Students have study books checked out to them and should work through those before the test. We will have 5 study sessions a week (MWF lunch and TTH mornings) and students are required to attend 2 a week (8 total).

APUSH Study Plan April and May Calendar 2018 – calendar for study groups, practice tests, and guide to study book work

AP US Review by date and theme – REVIEW POWERPOINT

AP US Review jeopardy

Study Group Work: Short Answer Questions
Day 6 SAQ Unit 3 and 4 (Monday 4/23)

Study Group Work: Essay Questions
Day 1 Essay Imperial Styles
Day 8 Essay westward expansion and sectional balance

Helpful Websites:

Gilder Lehrman Institute:


  • History teacher who has lots of great resources including tons of review videos
  • Make sure if you are reading about a rubric or guides to parts of the test that it is for the 2018 update
  • https://www.tomrichey.net/apush-review.html
  • He has a discount code for Albert.io



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