APUSH Unit 8 Part 2 / Unit 9

April 3rd, 2017

Unit 8-2 will cover the social, political, and foreign policy aspects of the Cold War during the 1960’s and 1970’s including the Vietnam War. This unit will also focus on the Civil Rights movement.

Unit 9 will be a quick look at America post-Cold War

The test for this unit will be combined Unit 8-2 and Unit 9 on Thursday May 3rd. Study Groups will be on Tuesday May 1st at lunch and Thursday May 3rd at 7:45 in room 125

Unit 8-2 Homework Packet 2018
Unit 8-2 Review Questions
Unit 9 Review Questions

Unit 8-2 Mod 1 LBJ and Nixon Notetaking Sheet
Unit 8-2 MOD1 LBJ and Nixon PPT

Unit 8-2 MOD2 Intro to Civil Rights
Unit 8-2 MOD2 Guided Notes Civil Rights

U8-2 MOD2 Notetaking Chart for Projects

Unit 8-2 Mod3 Notes – End of the Cold War and Modern America
Unit 8-2 MOD3 Carter and Reagan PPT
Unit 9 Post Cold War America


Civil Rights Project Links:

Unit 8-2 MOD2 Civil Rights and Power Project – Due Block Day 4/25-26

Hamer PPT – Power Movements
Malcolm X Speech
Malcolm X Clip on TV Show
Black Power / Plack Panthers / Malcolm X (look at end of PPT)
PBS Info on Stonewall
Information on the Young Lords – also see Hamer for a primary source


Extra Credit Movies for this Unit include:
Atomic Cafe
Malcolm X  (book or movie)
The Help  (book or movie)
I am Not your Negro
Hidden Figures (book or movie)


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