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September 14th, 2015

Why You Should Take APUSH


APUSH will be using turnitin.com to turn in all review sheets. Please login (or create an account using your school email if you don’t already have one) and the use the following class codes and passwords to sign up:

2nd Period:
Class code: 17300521
Password: Adams

3rd Period:
Password: Jefferson

Once you are logged in, choose the assignment you want to add and click “Submit”. From there, the easiest way is to change the option of “copy and paste” to “single file upload”. If you scroll down you will then see your options of uploading from Google Docs, Dropbox, or your computer.

Information about Notebook and Review Grades
Each chapter of book notes is usually worth 4 points for Book Notes: 2 points for a short summary of each section (the book is heavily sectioned  so there are usually 2-3 of these per full page of text), 1 point for vocabulary, 1 point for answers to the “blue and green pages”
Each unit has some documents that are either in the unit packet or in the supplemental reader book. If the students have the document in their packet, they can annotate directly on that document for points, otherwise they need to write a paragraph summary about each document
Class notes are part of the notebook grade and these will be graded by points given for completion
Each unit has a homework packet that is given at the beginning of the unit and a  “Studying for your Unit Test” paper that is handed out a few days before the test. The homework packet details the work for the unit and when it is due and the “Studying” paper details exactly what will be in the notebook as well as how many points it is worth. These can both be found on the unit website if the student loses their copy.

Instructions For Extra Credit:

Read a Hamer approved book or watch a Hamer approved movie within the units that it is applicable. Write a 2 page essay (double spaced if typed) on both what you learned from the book/movie as well as any historical inaccuracies that you might have noticed. Please remember that we learn a certain amount about each topic through our reading and class discussions, but these movies go more in-depth on a topic as well as what it was like to live during the time period – this is what you should focus your writing on. Turn the essay in and you will earn 1% towards your final grade (which will be added at the end of the semester). You can do up to 3 extra credit opportunities each semester. See the unit page for movies and books.




Email me (hamere@wlwv.k12.or.us) with any questions!

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