Eng11: Race-The Power of an Illusion

First, explore the PBS website on Race. Learn some things and record your findings and questions on your chart.

Then, go to our discussion site at Ning.com.

Once there, create a new profile. Then discuss what you discovered on the PbS website.  Any information new, surprising, enlightening?  Any information troublesome or problematic?

English 11 Calendar – sem2

English 11 calendar

Eng11: Creative Project

The purpose of this assignment is to transform your learning about the American conception of the Self into an artistic statement.  This is your opportunity to synthesize and exhibit your thinking and learning from the semester.

Click here:  Creative Project: Self and Society

Eng11: Right Action!

During our introduction to this unit, we learned that the Transcendentalists held three major beliefs: 1) UNITY; 2) INWARDNESS; 3) RIGHT ACTION.  This assignment is to find a way to act on what you’re learning, and then write a reflection about the experience.

Click here for more information.

Eng10: The Osage Orange Tree

1) What does the narrator discover under the bridge? What can you infer about this discovery?

2) How does the setting and interior monologue contribute to the tone?

3) What is a symbol in this story? Which idea does it represent? Why does it work?

4) How is this a coming-of-age story?

Eng11: Sample Dense Question Essays

Read at least one of these and record what the author does well or what you’d like to emulate  onto your Prewriting sheet.

The Instinctual Quest for Individuality

To Conform or Not to Conform: Is That Even the Point?

Where Are My Glasses?

Eng10: Archetype poem

For this assignment, you will develop a poem that captures the essence of a particular archetype. You may choose a character, symbolic, or situational archetype. Your poem will be assessed by the following criteria:

  • precise, concise diction – Is every word necessary and perfect for your poem?
  • ideas/content – Do you show a well-rounded portrait of your archetype?
  • process – Did you make two drafts? Is it typed? Did you complete a peer review? Are you proud of the final product?

Sample poem:

“Sidekicks” by Ronald Koertge

First draft due: Friday, November 20.
Final draft due: Monday, November 30.

Eng11: SAT skills and Vocab Quiz

On block day, we will take our quiz on the SAT grammar skills we’ve studied (noun/pronoun agreement, subject/verb agreement, and dangling modifiers) as well as the 18 words based on the six Latin/Greek roots we’ve studied so far this semester.


Eng11: Dense Question Essay

Dense Question Essay assignment information

Rubric – Dense Question Essay

Prewrite due: Monday, November 30
Outline Due: Friday, December 4
Draft One Due: Tuesday, December 8
Final Due: Tuesday, December 15

Eng11: “Self-Reliance” online discussion

Click here to access the discussion board on Blackboard.

Login using your school email (like ryanm@wvhs.wlwv.k12.or.us)  and password.

Choose the appropriate class, and then click on Discussion Board in the left banner.

Then click on the discussion. Make sure you read what other people have written and respond to them rather than creating redundancies.

These threads will close early Monday morning, 11/16.

If you cannot access the discussion board, send me an email with a response. In three separate paragraphs, discuss the style and tone of Emerson’s “Self Reliance” as well as its theme of self-reliance.